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THE Journal Workbook SERIES

These guided journal books are intended to provide support, hope, resources, therapeutic activity, personal progress referencing and symptom pattern detection for anyone beginning, or already on the path of tapering any type of drug that causes dependence.

    Journaling can: 

  • Help you prioritize problems or concerns and reduce fears.

  • Track symptoms day-to-day so that you can recognize triggers and learn ways to better control or reduce them.

  • Provide an opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying negative thoughts and behaviors.

  • Document an important medical record for yourself and/or medical team

  • Detail clearly over time, how you are doing on your taper.

  • Reduce stress by serving as an escape or emotional release of negative thoughts and feelings.

  • Provide productive activity when you are not feeling well.

An Important Note:
These guided journal books will not tell you how to specifically taper, but WILL support you during your
taper and provide the resources for you to inform yourself how to do so safely.


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"I want to thank you again for your book. My 1st attempt failed but I was moving too fast too fast and I didn't heed my body enough.I thought about giving up.Your book is why I am not. I am starting again because I do have that book and I know that I can eventually get off Effexor. It's just simply a fact that if I didn't have your book I wouldn't attempt it. Since it took you so long to get through your journey I know that I can do it too and if it takes me 4 years then it takes me 4 years but I'll be off of this stuff someday. Your book matters and it matters a great deal. If you ever have had a question about that I want you to know straight up for me that I wouldn't be able to do this without your book, at least I would never try it and I would be scared shitless to. As it is I have a friend right by my side all the time. I just want you to know that . Thanks for your book." Jerilee



Journal book #1 Contains 251 pages:

  • 90 days of symptom tracking and journal pages             (2 pages for each day)

  • Three 30 day Summary pages (2 pages per)

  • Helpful Strategies, Tips and Quotes

  • Introduction

  • How to use your journal 


RESOURCE PAGES that include:

  • Notes of caution

  • Current health care information pages

  • Emergency contact information page

  • Coping techniques

  • Valuable free support resources  

  • Risks and benefit worksheet

  • Your circle of control

  • Distraction techniques

  • Affirmations

  • Potential withdrawal symptoms

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Journal book #2 Contains 229 pages:

  • 90 days of symptom and journal pages (2 pages for each day)

  • Three 30 day Summary pages (2 pages per) 

  • Helpful Strategy ideas, Tips and Quotes


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Keep going with YOUR JOURNEY

Journal book #3 Contains 314 black and white interior pages:

  • 150 days of symptom and journal pages (2 pages for each day)

  • Three 30 day Summary pages (2 pages per) 

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About the Creator

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I began an ill-informed Gabapentin (Neurontin) taper in the fall of 2017 which sent me on a profound life altering journey down the withdrawal illness rabbit hole.  After dropping nearly half of my dose in 30 days,  I experienced shocking and severe withdrawal symptoms and was so desperate for help, I considered being hospitalized. Unfortunately in my case as it is for the vast majority, there was no help and I was told all of this was my original symptoms returning.  I reinstated my dose shortly thereafter and tried to stabilize over a two month period, then began a micro-taper which was all I could tolerate for the full 4 year duration of my taper journey.  During this time, I experienced 75+ withdrawal symptoms along with a new dependence to Kratom which I used for 6 months to help mitigate the relentless insomnia and anxiety.  When I realized I had become dependent on Kratom, I paused the Gabapentin taper and it took 4 grueling months to withdraw from Kratom and another 2 months before I could restart the Gabapentin taper.  

Due to the destabilization of, and injury to my central nervous system, I was unable to work and for much of the time unable to leave my house.  For 2 years, I had no reading comprehension and could barely form sentences while speaking. The stress, insomnia and CNS injury ignited more than one autoimmune illness,  new sensitivities and additional harm.  I nearly reached the point of taking my life;  the only thing keeping me from doing so was the thought of my family and the commitment I had made to myself to see the taper through to the end.  I was very fortunate to have a supportive and loving partner (which is not always the case for many) a few really good support groups with great admins/moderators and some wonderful group members.  This is where I was able to understand what was happening to me and how to properly organize my taper.


During that challenging time, in addition to keeping an all important tapering schedule, I journaled daily about how I was feeling, what symptoms were occurring, if there were any reactions to foods or supplements, how my energy was, and whether I noticed any emerging patterns.


Each day I graded my overall condition and in this way, moving forward, I could potentially avoid making symptoms worse and also see that small steps of progress had been made - even when it didn't feel that way.


Tracking my daily experience, and connecting with others in social media groups and forums kept hope alive; this gave me a modicum of control, a better understanding of what was happening to me, and instilled the feeling that I was not alone.

I am still on the healing path after completing my taper in the spring of 2021, and within this healing have resolved to be an advocate for change and support in the Iatrogenic harmed community.


As for these books - there seems to be plenty of journals available, but not much for for people taking the often challenging and misunderstood path of getting off prescribed drugs. This was the impetus for me to create a journal book, one I would have liked to have had during my taper.


I hope you find it useful on your path.


Love, Light and Healing ~ Jody


Now available on Amazon