Contributors to this project

Thank you to the individuals who have made contributions to this project.  Whether through gifts of valuable information, assistance or money,  your concern and generosity will be of great benefit to those making the often difficult choice of withdrawing from prescribed drugs. 

You are very much appreciated !!

Would you like to help?
I would love to get these books into the hands of anyone currently tapering (withdrawing) or preparing to do so who wants them.  I do not make any profit from these books or this website and would appreciate any financial assistance to be able to send books directly at no cost to those who do not currently have the resources to pay for them.  Suggested gift amount is $20, however any amount is appreciated.  Thank you !! 


I am using Venmo for cash gifts:  

Jody Ford (sunflower photo) @JodyYoga

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Andrea Marchese

Thank you so much for your contribution to this project Andrea.   You are an inspiration !!